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Quilting has been a popular past time among the ladies of the older generation in Sri Lanka. However patchwork and other forms of needlework have evolved with modern designs and has become an emerging past time among females of the younger generations as well. 

Having had a passion for patchwork from her younger days, Nazra Nazimudeen wanted to take it to the next level. With the birth of her baby boy, Nazra understood the need for quality and comfortable baby items. As a result of this, Nazra started making baby clothes and quilts for him. This was her inspiration to do something different and with the blessings and support from her home front she succeeded in setting up ‘Connecting Yards’- a home business specialising in hand-made baby items. 

Speaking to Life Online, Nazra said that it was quite a challenge at first. “I attended patchwork classes at the beginning but wasn’t quite satisfied with the designs. I explored designs on the Internet and found many vibrant and attractive designs. So I make use of those designs as well as my own creativity to make my products. It’s quite a relaxing past time but at times it’s quite challenging.” 

Connecting Yards includes a variety of baby items from quilts to baby rompers, baby shoes for new-borns, soft toys and much more. One special feature about her designs is that they are made for baby girls. When asked why Nazra says that she finds them quite decorative. “I like to work with bright colours but I don’t get to do much with boys’ clothes,” said Nazra. “I am quite concerned about the quality of the materials with which I do my designs. Sometimes there could be colour bleeding and this could be allergic to the babies. Therefore whenever I buy new materials I wash them, sun dry and store separately until they are being used. I purchase materials from Colombo but now I’m looking at purchasing them from overseas as well in order to ensure the quality,” added Nazra. 

For those who wish to purchase customised baby items through Connecting Yards can easily drop a message on their Facebook page with the requirements. Depending on the request Nazra ensures that the items are ready on time and are delivered to their doorstep. Delivery is free for customers within close range of her house while the products are mailed for customers who live further away. 

Speaking to all young entrepreneurs out there Nazra says that no one should be afraid to do something of their own. “There’s so much you can achieve and never look down upon mothers. Break stereotypes and don’t listen to those who say you can’t. Never limit yourself and always dream bigger and this is where you will find yourself.” 

Nazra is very much attached to her family and believes that she wouldn’t have been able to do anything if not for their support. “I would like to thank my husband, my son because I realised how much of strength I have in me. He gave me the courage to do new things and in the end all those sleepless nights were worth it. I would also like to thank my sister for being my biggest critic and giving me her opinions to change my designs and make them more unique. In addition to that I also want to thank my in-laws for their continuous support as well,” added Nazra in her final remarks. 

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