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I took a drive down to Galle to feature this hidden gem for Fashionably, Danu. Karma has been making headlines internationally for its unique style and design, with a very busy schedule to the UK, but new to many eyes in Colombo. If you have walked around the Galle Fort you would have seen this stunning shop bursting with colours and that’s Karma for you. The fabric collection is so interesting and also the fact that it speaks to Sri Lanka in more ways than one makes you want to celebrate it more. The man who has been making such amazing designs for both men and women is a humble, jolly, talented man named Tivon Prasad Kankanamga. The Fabric is all cotton all perfect for our sunny weather and just so breathable making it such a comfortable wear. Today I showcase a few unique designs that will soon be on shelves even in Colombo for both men and women.

 1.     Tell me what makes your brand unique?
As per my perspective, colours, quality and prints are the main features which make our products unique. We, in Karma Collection always make sure that our customers receive the products of the best quality and design. And we always stick with our core belief that quality is the best business strategy.
2.      Your designs are very unique and different- what inspires your designs and prints?

What inspires most of our designs is the background story which is hidden within the print. I always find that, all the people and animals unique in their own way. When creating a new design, I always try to manifest that uniqueness, mixing it with the colours of nature.

3.      Tell me about the looks you have featured on me today?
When I observed your personality and the trends that you prefer, what I understood is that, you have a joyful yet sensitive personality. And when it comes to the designs that you adore, what I noticed is that your range of design preferences is spread across colourful designs mixed with the objects and the organisms of nature.

4.      You have a big foreign market, how do you keep the Sri Lankan style and yet design for the international clientele?
The reason behind the customer base that I have been able to procure in the foreign market is due to the customization opportunity that I present them with. And with that, it is possible for me to adjust to the changes in each and every customer. Therefore it does not matter if the customer is foreign or local. But when observing my total customer base, what I have seen is that foreigners prefer customized designs than locals. Therefore most of my customers are foreigners.

5. What do you keep in mind when you design?
The factor which has the greatest impact on any of my designs is the client. It is because the uniqueness in my designs lies in creating a piece that matches exactly with the needs of the customer. Furthermore, the fabric and the prints also usually affect the design.
6.      What are the other options you hope to add to the label, and why have you not made your way into the Colombo market?

Most of my clients are from UK, USA, Switzerland and France. In such countries, people largely consider fashionable wear in the summer season. Therefore most of my designs are fabricated to match that season and the passions of the clients in that period of time. Furthermore, in the future, I expect to create designs for each season separately. When considering the Sri Lankan market, I have a limited yet unique client base that is spread all around the country. And in the near future, I expect to locate one of my shops in Colombo.

7.      How has the online market been, especially with a lockdown?
When considering the upsurge of the brand name and the client base, the lockdown period has been a great blessing. Because, in that period, the level of sales and the client base expanded massively. Also, since my business partner is from the UK, it has been a great support for the business as she takes care of the marketing and distribution.

8.      You are very close to your team. Tell me about your team and how did you manage during the lockdown? Of course, I do have a team that has been a great support for my work. Though the lockdown period has been a challenge, we managed to continue our production process and adjusted it so that the employees could work from home. Though they worked from home, it was made sure that they received a considerable payment disregarding the lockdown situation.
9.      What according to you is your favourite part of being In this industry? What I love the most about my work is that the opportunity it presents me to work with people. When it comes to my line of work, it is a blend of creativity and constant change. And because of what I do, I get to combine my creativity with that of my clients and create wonderful designs.
10. We heard you are soon coming into Colombo. What are the designs we can expect and how can we get our hands on your collection?

I am expecting to extend my business to Colombo in the upcoming month. The place where you will be able to find my work is, WH (WareHouse) which is located in Independence Square. In there, you will be able to find an exclusive collection specially designed for WH and several chosen designs from the Summer 2021 collection.

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Danu Innasithamby

Danu is a Jaffna Boy with a Marketing qualification (only because he needed to study, and not because he wanted it). He has been a part of the team for seven years and is the face behind Buzz with Danu, and WTF.


  1. Durga Dayananda says:

    I think Danu is a fashion icon. I really like the way he dresses. Also the karma collection has made designs that suit him.

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