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Feb 06 2017.

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This Spanish fitness instructor is often to be found at High Octane gym where he works as a personal trainer in addition to conducting various fitness classes to help people achieve their body beautiful. He loves good coffee and good conversation and lists his hobbies as football, salsa, travelling, swimming and reading. Alberto loves being adventurous but dislikes being in a rush, spicy curry and Sri Lankan traffic. 

Why do you love travel? 

I love to travel because I like discovering new places and I enjoy each country's architecture. I enjoy seeing and experiencing things that I don't usually get in my own home town. 

Your favourite travel destination and why? 

I don't have one place to call my favourite, I feel comfortable in a place that invites me to walk, explore the city with good places to drink and relax. 

What do you need for a perfect holiday? 

Really good company. A good travel plan to not get lost and good weather. 

In which country have you felt most at home? 

Italy. As a holiday it was the closest I felt to home because the culture, the people and food are very similar to Spain. 

Most unusual souvenir you have brought home? 

Rocks in Tunisia which you need to dig out of the dunes in the Sahara Desert; shaped like a rose. 

Worst holiday or travel experience? 

After a lovely trip around Europe visiting nice cities that had good weather, we stopped in Paris: a city that I always wanted to visit. Unfortunately we found the city in the middle of a storm and the whole experience was wet, cold and awful. I will take my time to give Paris a second chance. 

Best piece of travel advice? 

Travel with an open mind. 

Your top five travel destinations? 

Ibiza, Canary Islands, the blue coast in France, London and the North East of Spain. 

Which country did you taste the best ever cuisine? 

Not being biased, but Spain as you can find really nice places to eat at every corner. 

Next travel destination? 

Greece, Milan and Madrid.


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