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While I often try my best to spend time doing things I love, time often puts a wrench in my plans. But as I've come to learn over the years, it's always important to make time for some well deserved indulgences. Incidentally, Senses Spa had recently introduced a new range of spice based and natural ingredient based packages, and I headed over to check them out.

Senses Spa, located at the basement level of The Kingsbury, is a bright and welcoming space with a delightful miscellany of aromas that enveloped me like a warm embrace the minute I walked in. As I headed inside, I was welcomed by Anura Rathnayake, Spa Development Manager, and having decided on the Kings Rose Package, I filled out the consultation form. While I proceeded to tick all the relevant boxes pertaining to massage pressure and health-related queries, I was served strawberry and blueberry tea with rose, which Anura explained was very good for blood circulation. The tea was also specifically selected to be paired with the Kings Rose Package.

Having completed the formalities, I was led through a corridor which housed all the rooms where the massages and treatments take place. Dimly lit in stark contrast to the welcome area of the spa, it set the tone for what would be a serene and utterly enjoyable experience.

The Kings Rose Massage comprised a 30 minute rose bath and a 60 minute rose massage. The room was dimly lit to set the ambience and included a jacuzzi, a shower area as well as a changing room. I was introduced to my Thai therapist Nati who warmly welcomed me yet again and helped me prepare. We also have the choice to pick the order - and I picked massage first. In retrospect, I should have opted for the rose bath to start off the proceedings. 

Nati quietly went about making sure I was completely comfortable on the massage table, gently easing my face into the face cradle. She was always unobtrusive when making sure that she was applying the right amount of pressure and if everything was okay. I had specified in the consultation form that I preferred medium pressure and picked the upper back and lower back as areas for the therapist to concentrate on.

Her nimble fingers worked their magic from the minute she began and the long, gliding strokes, kneading and friction helped my tired muscles ease up. The combination of acupressure, deep muscle compression and joint mobilization left me not only utterly relaxed, but also visibly rejuvenated. Once Nati completed the head to toe massage, she regulated the temperature of the water in the jacuzzi, filling it with rose petals and rose essence. The hydrotherapy element of the Kings Rose Package is not without its fair share of benefits. It stimulates relaxation and pain relief while the buoyancy, warm water and the pressure from the jets help soothe overworked muscles.

I had specified in the form that I hoped to achieve relaxation as well as destress after my visit, and I'm happy to note that I achieved both and more! Nati was absolutely fabulous, and the thoughtful setting of the room and its ambience certainly added to the experience. I was handed another cup of tea at the conclusion of the massage and although it was the same flavours as before, it certainly tasted so much better post massage. I would highly recommend Senses Spa and definitely look forward to returning to try out their other treatments.


The New Spice Range

Senses Spa is constantly evolving - introducing new treatments and packages for their patrons, but also giving them a chance to be able to purchase the products used in the Spa. Speaking on the developments, Daminda Jayawardena, Director of Rooms at The Kingsbury and whose purview Senses Spa is under, shared that

“the spa has operated for the last 7 years in collaboration with a Thai company and we have all Thai therapists trained by the same company”.

“We have a range of treatments from the Thai traditional massage to Balinese massage. We even have total body treatments - the wraps, foot massages, the back and shoulder combo massages”.

Elaborating on upcoming additions, he shared that 

“lately, we have been experimenting with different products, so that's where the spices, rose, chocolate treatments come in. We have partnered with a different spice company - brand not launched yet - so with them we have identified some spices, all of which are local and organic. From black pepper to cardamom to cloves, we are experimenting and researching at the moment. However, we have introduced a few of the treatments like the chocolate, rose, black pepper foot massages”. 

Jayawardena also intimated about the products that will be made available for patrons to purchase.

“We are going into the product ranges as well. You can see outside the different products being introduced. We are very good at our treatments and our therapies and people walk out relaxed. However, we are looking at allowing guests to take home products that they have just sampled in our spa. We have all the products we need available in Sri Lanka, so we will not be importing”.


Pics Nimalsiri Edirisinghe


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  1. Anon says:

    Lovely. We must all take the time to unwind and relax when we can. I have been to this spa and can attest that the experience is as the writer described!

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