Types Of Dieters

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At one point or the other in our lives, many of us have found ourselves going on a diet, either to get healthy or to gain / lose weight or simply to get on the fad bandwagon. The road to this perpetual race to fitness is a wild one where competition and drama is rife, relationships are tested and social media feeds are on full blast. So which dieter are you? 

The Overachiever 

The ones we're all envious of, these dieters go all out. From hiring the best dietician/nutritionist, to joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer to purchasing all the gadgets and apps required, they've got things planned to the T. These people are so motivated, their mere presence will leave you feeling guilty and unhealthy. Also the type least likely to waver and most likely to achieve their fitness/health goals. 

The Emotional Reasoner 

Catch them "snacking" on Pringles? It's because they deserved a break from the gruelling diet programme they were on. And it's just this one time anyway. These folks are governed by their emotions, continue to feel sorry for themselves and their focus on reality is barely ever objective, if at all. 

The Fad Dieter 

These dieters are those who have been there, done that. Switching through phases faster than you can say diet, they've been on everything from vegan to meat-centric diets and everything in between. The Atkins, the teatox.... you can bet your life they've tried them all. 

The Calorie Counter 

Their over-the-top meticulousness about their calorie intake will likely lead you to the brink of insanity. They've got plenty of calorie counting apps which they religiously adhere to, have their BMI down to pat, and know all the related statistics to ever exist. These folks are hard to miss because they will invariably calorie shame you by pointing out how many calories your pizza with the extra cheese has. Oh, and they will also post their meals on social media with its calorie details as captions. 

The Willpower Lacking Dieter 

Also the "oops-I-did-it-again dieters". These people try. They really do. But wait… is that… Pizza? Yes, please! Their lack of willpower means they succumb to the lure of junk food without a second thought. Because they could always just get back to the diet. Right? 

The Virtual Dieter 

You can't miss these people - their ever consuming online presence is generously peppered with posts of healthy meals, recipes and the works. They've probably even turned on their inner "guru mode" and thrive on offering healthy eating tips and quotes we never asked for. In real life though, they might be caught out snacking on double cheeseburgers. 

The Hangry Dieter 

Have come across people who seem like they're forever angry? It's probably because they're Hangry - a state of being so hungry that the lack of food leaves you angry and frustrated. Mostly both. These ticking time bombs are better not messed with. They're also most likely to be impulsive and irrational, and will most definitely accept your peace offering of a cupcake. 

The Brink Of Starvation Dieter 

These are the kinds of people who have a completely misguided notion of what a diet is. To them, dieting isn't about eating the right food. It's about scaling back on intake. Drastically. This is the person with the sunken eyes, lethargic gait, and is probably passing out all while giving you a thumbs up, all indicative of this type of dieter.


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