Draw My Life - Gaia Kodithuwakku

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On a new segment, ‘ Draw My Life’, takes viewers through the lives of famous personalities in SriLanka, as they share (and draw!) their life story. 
The first, in this series, is a Fitness personality, Speaker 
and coach. Gaia Kodithuwakku is well known through social media platforms. Her own personal transformation both mentally and physically is one that is inspirational to all. 

We also spoke to her about her journey which has turned her passion into her career


1. As a new fitness concept, what challenges did you face? 

This journey was never to prove anyone or myself wrong. I had no pressure behind it coz it was something I did for enjoyment and to free myself. It was challenging in a very fun way to introduce products and concepts like online coaching where no one even knew that online coaching could be a profitable way of training people within the country and all over the world. It was a great feeling to break the norm of the typical image behind a fitness professional. 

2. What was the initial response

 The response has always been great. Mostly stemmed through curiosity coz there is only a hand full of us in the public's eye. people are thirsty for knowledge and to find their version of what might work for them. So there are so many out there who learn from the content and interact on a regular.



3. What triggered your transformation - could you pinpoint this to a specific incident/time

 A chain of pivotal moments, that had a few things in common. I was very lonely, depressed, and had zero self-acceptance. Miles away from the concept of loving myself. I wanted to make peace and movement was the only thing that connected me to it. So it became the positive addiction that empowered me and gave me my voice. 

4. Some say curvy is the new best thing, what's your view

I think the new best thing is what you make of it. Women are so beautiful. They all have a unique feature or attraction about them. Sadly most of us don’t see how truly beautiful we are. My partner says he always watches me like how he would watch a stranger, and that reminds me how we should watch ourselves. Do you think a stranger would notice half of the flaws we would notice about ourselves? We have become so self-critical that we don’t know how naturally magical we are.


5. Majority of Lankan girls follow fitness for a short term, either to fit into wedding dress, etc. And then go back. What's your opinion or advise

 The results also will be short term. You can’t expect of decades of bad eating and habits to go away in 6 months. This journey is a one of respect patience and love. Not stemmed from self-hate where you starve yourself to fit into a dress.


6. Have you ever had a failed client? 

Of course. What I emphasize through my programs is to develop intrinsic motivation and becoming self-sufficient and independent. I am not here to babysit you, but to support you through a journey you yourself deeply urge to go through.

7. What is your daily routine?

  Wake up between 5-5.30 am, meditate, feed the cat, have a green juice, clean the house, hit the gym, make & have breakfast

8. Are majority Sri Lankans unhealthy in your opinion?

I think a lot of us are now conscious and developing awareness. It is definitely getting better if anything.

9. How do you handle cravings?

By not giving in!! it about will power and reminding yourself how important your goals are. I no longer consume or have cravings for sugar or processed food. So my kind of craving would be wanting to binge on excessive amounts of fruit. And every ten days I do. 

10. How did you get started? And how hard was it to keep going?

I couldn’t sleep the day before I stepped into my first ever gym. When I started 5 years ago there were always a very few women in the weight room. So developing thick skin was a bit challenging. What kept me going was the natural endorphin hits I would get after a workout. For someone who experienced depression, that was the ultimate experience. 



11. how long does it take one to get into the rhythm of working out regularly and just eating/living healthily?

Probably 2-3 years to become very clean with my lifestyle. I still used to occasionally consume a cheat meal unlike now where it is completely eliminated from my life. But it definitely gets much easier. 



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