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Today I suit up myself on this fashion feature; meet the very talented young man who has been in the business for so long and is now finding his own trend and look with his own brand under his name.

Kanushka Sooriyabandara.

The Managing Director at ABBA International Designs, has been working on his looks for some time and he specialises in using colours which are mostly overlooked by us in Sri Lanka as we like to play it safe.

“Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world,” says Abraham Rutchick, an author of a related study and a professor of psychology at California State University, Northridge.

So now it’s not only about the way you look, it’s also about the way you feel!
 1.What made you start an exclusive brand under your name as you are also managing ABBA? 

It is because I wanted my clients to experience much of a personalised service where I can talk to the client personally and cater to them by knowing their individual preferences. Actually, I couldn’t do it under ABBA because it is more commercialised, and we are catering to the mass market with the number of branches we operate.
2. What made you take up Men's wear, as many don’t make it their no 1 choice?

Main reason is that I see men’s wear industry in Sri Lanka has more to explore when compared to the international menswear industry. So as a young designer I saw that opportunity in the market and thought that I can do justice to fill that gap. And also, my father was in the men’s wear industry even before I was born and I got the exposure from him as well.
3. What are the looks you have featured on me today?

I have chosen some subtle yet unique colours along with some simple checks. The idea here was to break through from the conventional blacks and blues and show that we can create style rather than following trends.
4. The cut is what makes a suit stand out, how do you ensure that you get the perfect fit?

Yes, the cut is the most important yet the most critical aspect for a perfectly fitting made to measure suit. It’s here where the decades of experience of a master cutter does his magic. Along with perfect measurements a well trained eye can transform a body into its finest shape. As I always say, a fine tailor is an illusionist who can manipulate the people’s eye.
5. How would you describe your personal style?

To be honest, not much, I always choose what is most comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Usually for my day to day work I prefer to go ahead with a light coloured long sleeved cotton shirt along with a denim pant and a matching pair of loafers.

6. What are the customisable features that you provide?
Well, everything, to begin you can customise the jacket style, either single or double breasted, the lapel design has the options of peak, notch, fish mouth or shawl lapel. And the button patterns like single button, two buttons or three buttons. And when it comes to back opening you have the choice of single or double vent. Then you have the option to customise the lining by choosing either plain or floral silk lining. Another customisable feature is the cuffs and you have the choice of normal or working (surgeon) cuff. Even the raw materials can be customised like fused interlining or horsehair canvas.
7. Who has been your biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion?
Tom Ford, I admire how he looks at an individual and takes the best out of him with style and fashion.
8. What is the process of your made to measure stitching? 
At KANUSH designer wear first I meet the client and choose the best look and the suit design for him. Thereafter the fabric will be selected with both mine and the client’s preferences. Finally, the precise body measurements will be taken and the fabric will be sent for cutting under a master cutter and thereafter tailoring will be done with the use of the best raw materials.
9. What according to you is your favourite part of being In this industry?
Most of our clients are bridegrooms so as a personal stylist being able to design their suit for their biggest day is one of  the best privileges I get in life. Also, as a celebrity wardrobe designer I enjoy designing the best looks for them to stand out among others.
10.  What's next for the brand?

Luxury Bespoke. This would be one of my biggest steps forward in the men’s wear industry by introducing true Savile Row bespoke to Sri Lanka. Let’s talk more about this in the near future.  

11.  Why should a gentleman pick you for his suit?
As a young passionate men’s wear designer, I always have the thirst of finding the limits of international men’s wear standards. So, I believe a true gentleman should always seek for the best personal stylist to match the international standards rather than picking an off the shelf suit from a conventional store.

Designer – Kanushka Sooriyabandara
Photographer – You’re my Favourite


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Danu is a Jaffna Boy with a Marketing qualification (only because he needed to study, and not because he wanted it). He has been a part of the team for seven years and is the face behind Buzz with Danu, and WTF.


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