Using Sheet Masks the Right Way

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Sheet face masks nourish and hydrate your skin promising a youthful complexion that glows with radiance. They are saturated with serums that contain vitamins, amino acids, and minerals which come with their own set of benefits. Unlike traditional masks, sheet face masks can be conveniently used as a beauty staple in your daily skin-care regimen. Today, they have become the perfect go-to solution when your skin needs instantaneous nourishment. 
Why should you opt for Sheet face masks over traditional methods? 
The beneficial Ingredients in many of the traditional, expensive, skin-care products evaporate as it takes time for them to mingle with your skin. The fabric in sheet masks acts as a protective barrier that prevents quick evaporation of water phase. The nourishing ingredients in the sheet penetrate deep into the skin, bringing out the natural goodness of the essence.  
Traditional clay-based masks can actually draw oil and moisture away from your skin, making your skin dry and hard after use. The hydrating boosters enhance the effectiveness and functionality of facial sheet masks. When the powerful skin-rejuvenating serum is infused into your skin, it softens and moisturizes the surface deeply, leaving a youthful glow on your face. 
Layers of a sheet face mask. 
Natural Herbal Serum
Usually, a sheet face mask consists of 2 components. The herbal serum of the mask is soaked in a nutrient-enriched essence extracted from natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Kasthuri Turmeric, Venivel and Margosa (Kohomba.) The concentrated herbal serum infuses the skin with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants allowing your face to be cocooned with skin-benefiting nutrients.
The fabric
The sheet in the mask is made up of a variety of materials including non-woven fibres, cotton, hydrogel and Bio Cellulose. Bio-cellulose sheet mask is expensive, all natural material which adheres to the skin well. The sheet contains better absorption properties and comfortable mobility. Unlike traditional paste masks, sheet masks are user-friendly, natural, and breathable and can comfortably stay on the skin securely while helping its ingredients to be absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin.
How to use a sheet face mask? 
  • Open the sachet that contains the serum mask and pour it into the tub. ​
  • Make sure the serum is absorbed into the mask‘s fabric. Leave it till it is drenched with all the natural essence.​
  • A clean skin helps to absorb the amazing ingredients in your mask. Start off by cleansing your skin with a mild face wash. Then place the sheet mask on to your face. ​
  • For best results, leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Sheet masks act as a barrier that prevents evaporation and ensures your skin receives maximum benefit from the active ingredients. So, if you leave the mask too long, skin temperature will rise and pores open up. As a result of this, the ingredients of the serum dries out leaving your skin with less moisture. 

One way to enhance your skincare routine with an affordable and efficient method is a sheet mask created with natural ingredients and advanced technology. Using a super-hydrating, conditioning and antioxidant-rich face sheet mask at least twice a week will make a noticeable difference in your skin.
Sheet masks are changing the beauty industry and gaining popularity among women in the U.S. They are great because it is individually packaged, making them fast, convenient, and easy to use in today’s busy world. 


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