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This week we thought something Ayurvedic that can be embraced as a personal care solution. Feeling rather trapped in the lure of this very nature, we made an immediate dive for Spice Island. What’s primarily interesting about this global brand are two things. First, it brings you a synchronising of the traditional with the contemporary, not forgetting quality and safety. Second, each product carefully draws the benefits of Ayurvedic traditions along with only natural key ingredients directly from the source of the ancient spice-trade of Sri Lanka. 

What’s more? Spice Island, has left a strong spot in the shelf slots of the iconic Hollywood boutiques, film studios, five star luxury retreats, as well as popular spas across the US. How and why? Keeping these questions in mind, we decided to try and test a few of their products to ensure whether it delivers what it promises. 

Body Butter -Passion Fruit

WHAT IS IT: Body Butter -Passion Fruit 
WHAT IT DOES: Leaves skin feeling like velvet, visibly reduces skin imperfections, calm inducing, lifting the spirits.
KEY INGREDIENT: Passion fruit extract (anti-oxidants and flavonoids)

The tub comes with a rich tint of vanilla coloured cream that is thick and non-greasy. 
Light in texture when rubbed on the skin. Think a sugary sweet baby, warm smiles, flora. 
Unlike the dark odour of the fruit, we smell it in little subdued hints that isn’t overwhelming at all. 
The weightless Passion Fruit Body Butter generates a soft finish melting quickly into the skin while at the same time, keeping it paraben-free and against free radicals. The oil that is extracted from the fruit is rich in linoleic acid. This forms a protective moisture barrier gentle enough to use every day, and with repeated use, it improves the skin’s ability to retain a velvety glow. 

Day Cream- Tamarind Seed Extract

WHAT IS IT: Day Cream- Tamarind Seed Extract
WHAT IT DOES: Visibly smoothens signs of ageing, Long term hydration, Improves skin elasticity.
KEY INGREDIENT: Tamarind seed extract 

The tub is small with a rich filling of vanilla coloured cream that is thick and non-greasy. 
The silky texture vanishes into the skin in a matter of seconds leaving no greasy residue behind.
Good-natured with light traces of tamarind.
As someone with extremely sensitive skin, we found no adverse side-effects after use. The cream is genial and with constant use, chances are likely to freshen up a dull, aging face.

Shampoo- King Coconut

WHAT IS IT: King Coconut- Shampoo
WHAT IT DOES: Nourishes hair from within. The gentle properties prevent hair from damage caused by environmental factors all the more stimulating growth and strength.
KEY INGREDIENT: King coconut

The content comes in a pump bottle with the fluid not to thick. Its colour quite shiny and translucent. 
Light-weight, soapy. Consider swimming in a tub of scented waters.
Marvellous and relaxing at once.
The fragrance is generously divine. After  a thorough massage and lather, we felt the hair more luxuriously silky promising enough to fight the toughest damages. The shampoo would highly benefit those with rough scalps and dull split-ends that need a natural ironing. It is far from being a product to complain about. We are pleased.

Spice Island is available locally only in selected boutiques and stores: ODEL Ward Place, ODEL Dutch Hospital and ODEL Queens Hotel, Kandy. Spice Island can also be found at Cotton Collection Colombo 07, Barefoot in Colombo and Galle and at Cantaloupe Boutique at Galle Face Court.

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