Going Makeup Free

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6 things you learn from not wearing any makeup 
I like to think that I kickstarted the fresh faced, no makeup look that celebs have been championing on social media lately. While I will never be credited for being a trendsetter, I have well and truly been “waking up like this” since day 1. 
Jokes aside and to be honest, I have never been a fan of makeup. Ever. On the rare occasion (weddings, mostly) I'll apply some eyeliner (eye pencils of course. Ain't nobody got time to be creating perfect wings with liquid liners at crunch time) and lipstick. Over time, I've grown comfortable with, embraced and learnt to love how I look, flaws and all. This is not to say those who wear makeup don't. In fact, I have mad admiration for those who've got this makeup game down to a T. One, it's nothing short of an art form. Two, if someone wants to wear makeup everyday of their lives and it makes them happy, who are we to stop them? 
Now that we've established that there's no hating on anyone here, I'm pretty optimistic that maybe this will convince you to join the dark side once in a while. We have cookies, added snooze time and more!! You’ll also learn that: 
1. You have LOADS of time on your hands! 
Makeup isn't just about eyeliners and lipsticks. Between primers and foundations and highlighters and concealers and the gazillion other products that sound Greek to me, makeup application can take anywhere from 5 minutess to an hour, depending on how much you're feeling your look that day. Scrap the makeup routine and you have all those glorious extra hours of snoozing to look forward to. 
2. You're richer than your makeup wearing friends. 
Depending on how often and how many products you use, you can be sure a significant amount of your paycheck or allowance will be utilised for your purchases. To top things off, availability of top quality makeup products are scant, if not nonexistent in the country. So you end up spending much more on getting them delivered to your doorstep. 
3. Compliments feel better. 
When people heap praise on your makeup free look, imperfections to boot, it's truly a major confidence booster. While I'd still be pretty happy if folks waxed lyrical about my (non-existent) eyeliner skills, nothing beats the message underlying the compliment that I look as great as I feel, bare faced. 
4. Your skin has never felt better. 
The only thing worse than those long hours spent putting on makeup is the exceptionally long time required to take it off. Especially because you need to be meticulous in makeup removal so that you don't end up with breakouts and infections. When you don't wear makeup, you don't have the added hassle of removing product off of your face, so your skin feels great, and you can just hop straight into bed. 
5. You can shed tears of joy in public without fear 
...of your makeup running. You can unashamedly let those suckers roll down your face without worrying that your mascara and liner will run with it, and grabbing a tissue to wipe those tears will be your biggest problem. 
6. People take you more seriously. 
While in no way do people who wear makeup slack in the workplace compared to those who don't, non makeup wearers tend to get taken more seriously than their makeup loving counterparts. People (wrongly) assume that you've got your priorities all wrong because you've spent all that time trying to look good. Which is utterly ridiculous. But it happens. 
By Rihaab Mowlana


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