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Until now, most eyelash fluids and falsies are chemical based eye irritants causing capillaries and veins around the eyes to allow more blood blow. The serum introduced by Gooey Skin Care has no side effects. Thanks to the infusion of plant-sourced ingredients resulting in achieving a lush and plump set.

What is the ethos of your lash and brow booster? 

It’s a very simple notion: Natural, easy application, swift results and prettily packaged. Gooey Skin Care passionately believes in formulating skin care products which are easy, effective and affordable. Not forgetting, fun to utilise! We include high-quality ingredients that are nourishing, easily absorbed into the skin/hair and which does not clog pores on your skin (non-comodegenic). We also avoid non-toxic, harsh irritants and phototoxic citrus oil.

Enlighten us on the benefits of adopting an enhancement serum? 

Majority of us dry our lashes and brows out with mascara and lead heavy pencil brow fillers but rarely take a moment to think that lashes might need nourishment just as much as the night cream we lather on every night on our face. Thus, adopting an enhancement serum would revive parched and lifeless hair strands back to life. It is also rich in proteins, linoleic acids and counteracts dryness of hair strands. 

What prompted you to introduce the product into the local beauty scene? 

I am obsessed with taking care of myself the natural and effective way, and my friends come to me for help with their skin woes and it eventually rolled into the idea of creating the tiny brand I have right now. Introducing skin care products are not easy; it requires a lot of product testing and knowledge about formulation which has always been my line of passion. Also, it should be reminded that my products are not 100% organic. It is 60% organic, and customers do tend get confused with natural to organic – my next step would be to provide 100% organic and natural products all in one. Dealing with organic oils is quite capital intensive so for now, work is under progress.

How does it work? 
It is rich in proteins and high in linoleic acids which are building blocks for the hair strands, 
and restores softness and moisture to parched brows and lashes.

What are your customers saying?
Sharine Gunasekera

“It’s been almost two weeks since I used the lash serum and my lashes are so much thicker, plus my brow gaps have reduced a lot! Goodbye brow pencil in the near future”

Priscilla Benedict

“This product is amazing. I’ve been using the serum for the past 2 months as instructed and I can  see results. Especially hair growth in the little gaps of my eyebrows. I didn’t expect the lower eyelashes to grow as fast as the upper eyelashes but they look luscious and thick now. Thank you Gooey Skin Care!”


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