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Known as a chain of salons that specializes in beauty care, the Esthèti Centre has embarked on a new journey which encompasses hair care. Since last December the the Esthèti Centre’s Hair Studio at their flagship location on Kynsey Road has been offering a range of hair and beauty care treatments.  In need of a colour to cover my rapidly multiplying grays I set off to the Hair Studio at the Esthèti Centre  to experience their hair care services.

Their Head Stylist, Dinesh Haputhanthri examined my hair and realized that it had a life of its own despite the best intentions of hair dryers and straightening irons. Taking that into consideration he advised me that instead of colouring my entire head of hair as I had done in the past it would be better if he just covered my gray hair and did some low lights. 

That was good enough for me and soon I was in his very capable hands as helped me select a nice red hue with strong brown undertones. Colour selected, I sat back and enjoyed the experience. Usually, at the salon, I log onto the free wifi and catch up with my reading, but in the absence of wifi, I found myself engaged in conversation with the Dinesh who shared quite a few tips to help with my thinning hair. I will not share them in this article, instead I suggest you visit them and let him explain to you in person.

The colour was soon on my head and I had to wait the stipulated 40 minutes then it was off to wash my hair which was then conditioned. There was a marked transformation in my hair. I had come in with a head full of lanky hair with lots of grey and after an excellent colour treatment my hair looked so much better. I had to resist the urgent to shake my hair from side to side like the stars who endorse hair products. Instead I quietly checked my hair and noticed that the stylist had done an excellent job of covering my unruly grays. The salon used Lanza products and thankfully after the treatment I did not get the usual chemical smell. Instead my hair was smelling good in addition to looking good. So next time I need to colour my hair I may just retrace my steps to Sothys.

Estheti Centre Hair Salon and Skin Care Centre at 109 Kynsey Road, Colombo 8. 
Call 0115336088 for appointments


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