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Hair color trends have been going strong and show no signs of slowing down. And for good reason. They're fun, edgy and look great!! 

It's no wonder then that social media is inundated with a constant slew of hair color trends that leave us totally awed and envious. But while you might be inspired to get your hair colored, you may not really be prepared for the aftermath and upkeep of your new color. As it happens, the best things in life almost always come with a disclaimer - that you will probably ignore or not even think about because you're too focused on what color you want to play around with.

So we did you a favor and spoke to a few people who'd already tried out different color trends. They shared the ups, downs and the stuff you probably won't realize until after you've colored your hair!


I think if I were to summarize, I would like to start off with a piece of advice - Be prepared for the amount of maintenance. It's not as easy as common colours that are simple as allover applications. And the bi weekly touch ups and every single time you have an event! I'm not much of a high maintenance girl, but I just love doing stuff to my hair...and fabulous hair color styles are just a bother in this type of climate.

The humidity is a key factor in how often one needs to shower to even exist here! I think this is what makes it particularly difficult to maintain because it's a matter of hygiene. Depending on the brand and colour you use bleeding varies greatly. I adore the brand manic panic, and use a combo of atomic turquoise and rockabilly blue. These colours are great if the person knows how to touch up.I've never gone to a salon cuz frankly it's just too expensive and lasts about the same time as doing it myself.

Economy is key too... Unlike normal colours that you can apply once and expect it to sit for 4-6 months no fuss. Another major make or break - literally and figuratively - bleaching... That in itself is a 2 day task for our hair type.


So something to keep in mind when changing you hair colour drastically is that you have to pay more attention to your hair. You will have to have the time to care for your hair and make some effort in keeping it silky and beautiful because going to a colour very far from your natural pigment is a lot of stress to the hair and it does damage your hair and it will give you split ends and dryness. mine even sometimes tend to break right after I colour it each time. so I am very careful who I go to, what I use and how I take care of it. 

I have been blonde for the last 4 years and have managed to keep my hair averagely nice and silky! and that's because I spend time and effort to keep it that way. and everytime I go abroad I even get some hair services done. (I also use extensions btw). I will never discourage someone from going with fun, crazy colours, I've had my hair blue once and also pink! but know that you're in for hours of treating it after, which for me is alright. so just know what it is before you get into it. Oh and if you go very light like me going back to darker is a process. Know this too - you can just colour your hair back to black or brown, but that process will severely damage your hair. if going from blonde to black you need to put an orange/red hue first and gradually go to a brown. But I'd say go for it! and take good care of it!

Dip dye

My dip dye surprisingly stayed vibrant for a long time! But for my cousin who did it the same time as I did, it faded drastically in less than a week! You will have to keep touching up your hair color because it looks terrible once it fades! Even if you use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, it won't guarantee the longevity of the color.

Hair becomes extra delicate after coloring - especially for us Lankans because we have dark hair and it needs to be bleached - so you will need to take extra care of it!
Also, beware of wearing white clothing when your hair is wet because it can bleed and ruin your clothes. While there are definitely cons when coloring your hair, it shouldn't put you off because at the end of the day, it's totally worth it.

  By Rihaab Mowlana 



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