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So we hear every day, “oh god, my black hair is so boring!”, “should I get highlights?”, “why is my hair so greasy? I showered this morning!”  But we also hear “oh my god, I’m so jealous of your black hair”, “it’s so shiny!”, “that black hair is so gorgeous”.

So what is the truth ladies? Is black hair boring? Or is black hair is your best accessory? 
Well myth is that black hair is boring. Because black is the most versatile hair color that you can rock anywhere, any time of the day. And most often, black hair comes as a package with great volume and super strong locks. We have simply forgotten how awesome our natural black hair can be.

Fact is that black hair IS gorgeous. But the secret ingredient is maintenance. With the right care using natural oils and washing off the grease that is unavoidable in tropical humidity, black hair can become your best accessory ready to rock any style with great shine. 
So go on girls, no more hiding behind dyes and extensions. It’s time to flaunt our roots and embrace the pride of black hair.



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