14 Simple Beauty Hacks

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14 Simple Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls 
You've hit the snooze button a million times already, and suddenly, you jolt awake - you've got just about enough time to put on clothing and get to college or work. And nothing else. Nevertheless, possibly because you were up all night watching YouTube videos or contemplating life, your eyes look tired, your hair's a mess, and you can't seem to summon any energy to do much else. 
But fear not, here are some super easy to follow beauty hacks that you can do in your sleep.  You're welcome. 
1. If your bangs (or the front bits of your hair) are greasy, just tie up the rest of your hair and wash your bangs in the sink instead of showering. If you have straight hair your hair will dry very fast and if you have thick hair, you can blow dry it. 
2. Use a T-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel. T-shirts are much more absorbent. 
3. If your hair is a hot mess and refuses to be tamed (as it won't to do when time is of the essence), just put it up in a scarf or a shawl. 
4. Always keep makeup remover by your bed. That way, even if you're dying of exhaustion, there's absolutely no reason for you to not take your makeup off. Because you really should - sleeping in with your makeup will cause breakouts and infections. This really should be used only as a last resort and in emergencies. Your face will thank you. 
5. Picking out the perfect foundation can be a daunting task, and you may end up accidentally purchasing a darker foundation. Worry not - add a little bit of moisturizer to your foundation. This will help lighten it. 
6. Eyeliners are tricky business, and applying it perfectly is an art. Since the majority of us aren't artists, we're bound to mess up. Countless times. The easiest way to clean those messy edges is with a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly. 
7. Switching your eye makeup from a daytime look to a more sexy look can be as easy as using a cotton swab to diffuse your eyeliner and smudge it into a smokey eye. Saves you so much time and the hassle of removing and reapplying your makeup from scratch. 
8. Lining the inner rims of the lower lid (aka the waterline) of your eyes with a nude or white eye pencil has many uses: it makes your eyes pop, makes your eyes look more awake, brightens eyes and gives you the coveted wide eyed look! 
9. Those of you who frequently use eyeliner will invariably run out before you've realized and picked up a new eyeliner. But if you've got mascara lying around, it's a pretty handy substitute for eyeliner.
10. Thick lashes are actually pretty easy to achieve sans the use of expensive products. Basically, use a cotton swab to dab baby powder in between mascara applications for longer and thicker lashes! 
11. To make sure your lipstick lasts all day, simply hold a tissue over your lips and dust with translucent powder. 
12. Exfoliate lips with a toothbrush after brushing your teeth. This way, it will become a habit. Just make sure the brush is not too hard. 
13. Maintaining a manicure isn't easy. If you don't have time to get it touched up by a professional, it will grow out and look pathetic. The easiest way to hide it is to create an ombre effect. With glitter. Start at the base of either your overgrown or chipped manicure. 
14. Soft, smooth feet don't require much hard work on your part, it turns out. Put on some Vaseline on your cracked feet, wear socks over it and go to bed. You'll wake up with smooth feet. 
By Rihaab Mowlana 
Photographs from Google


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