Sri Lankan Malay Food Festival

Jul 05 2023.

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Malay Jiving, the recent hawker-style street food festival held at The Courtyard in Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, provided a unique opportunity for food enthusiasts to delve into the vibrant world of Sri Lankan Malay cuisine. With its impressive array of unique dishes and collaboration with veteran Sri Lankan Malay home cook Raleena Veero, the festival truly delivered an unforgettable culinary experience.

Upon entering the festival, guests were greeted by the tantalizing aroma of various Malay delicacies. The buffet, although relatively small, boasted an excellent selection of offerings that catered to different palates. One standout dish was the Akor soup, also known as Oxtail soup. Its rich and robust flavour left a lasting impression, leaving patrons craving for more.

Another noteworthy dish was Thentheng goreng, a fried lungs dish that might sound adventurous to some, but delivered a surprising burst of flavours. The texture of the lungs paired with the well-balanced seasoning made it a memorable and delightful treat. Additionally, the beloved Pasthol, beef patties infused with aromatic spices, was delicious.

The festival also offered a range of delectable beef dishes, including Chuka Daging, a mouthwatering beef steak, and Beef Rendang, a traditional Malay dish known for its tender beef simmered in a rich and aromatic coconut gravy. Unfortunately, the beef rendang, which I was most excited about didn’t live up to my expectations. The meat wasn’t tender and it didn’t help highlight the rich flavours.

The Malay Jiving festival also presented an array of delectable accompaniments and condiments. The Malay Pickle, a tangy and spicy combination of vegetables, added a zesty kick to the meal. Kaliya, a unique brinjal curry mixed with chicken liver, surprised taste buds with its complex flavours. The Chuka Daging was complemented by Beef Toplan, a delectable beef sambol that added a touch of spiciness to the palate. And for seafood enthusiasts, the Asam Peddas, a fish hot and sour dish, and the Ikkan Manis, sweet fish cooked in Malay style, showcased the diversity and creativity of Malay cuisine.

Satay lovers were in for a treat with the festival’s offering of succulent Beef Satay and Chicken Satay. The perfectly grilled skewers, accompanied by a delectable peanut sauce, were bursting with smoky flavours and tender meat. The Parata, a flaky and buttery flatbread, served as an excellent accompaniment to the satay.

The dessert selection at Malay Jiving was noteworthy. The Pineapple Dosi, the sweet and tangy pineapple offered a refreshing end to the meal. The Bol, a traditional Malay cake, showcased the rich flavours of coconut and palm sugar. Sillarey, a sweet pastry, delighted with its delicate texture and luscious fillings. The Watalappan, the most renowned Malay contribution to Sri Lankan cuisine, was a well-loved dessert that captivated the taste buds with its creamy coconut custard and aromatic spices. The Pirni, a velvety custard, and Dodol, a chewy sweet treat, added further diversity to the dessert selection.

The Sri Lankan Malay Food Festival at The Courtyard, Cinnamon Grand, allowed attendees to savour the unique flavours of Malay cuisine. With its collaboration with renowned home cook Raleena Veero, the festival presented an exceptional culinary experience. The diverse range of dishes, from succulent meats to aromatic rice preparations and delectable desserts, showcased the richness and complexity of Sri Lankan Malay cuisine.

Malay Jiving is part of a series of food festivals hosted by Cinnamon Grand, offering foodies an opportunity to indulge in a variety of cuisines. These festivals serve as a testament to the hotel’s commitment to providing culinary experiences and ensuring that guests can explore the world of flavours without leaving the city.

Pic credit: Cinnamon Grand Colombo


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