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Feb 22 2024.

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Nestled within the bustling streets of Rajagiriya lies The Bistro, a cloud kitchen venture that promises simplicity and flavour in every bite. A venture by the renowned husband-and-wife duo Eran and Amandi Alahakoon, alongside their brother Milan, is not just a restaurant; it’s the realization of a long-held dream. The Bistro sets out to deliver a concise yet flavourful menu, reflecting their commitment to quality amidst challenging times. Operating primarily through takeaway and delivery services, The Bistro ensures accessibility through partnerships with platforms like PickMe Foods and UberEats and offers direct delivery catering to the cravings of food enthusiasts within a 5km radius.

The Bistro’s menu is a testament to its philosophy of “simplicity and quality.” While concise, it offers a delectable selection of dishes, each bursting with flavour. I tried three of their creations: Seafood Bistro Rice, Veg Bistro Rice, and Nasi Goreng.

Seafood Bistro Rice (Rs. 1100)
A humble yet satisfying dish, the Seafood Bistro Rice delighted with its infusion of in-house garlic paste into premium basmati rice. The seafood blended seamlessly with the flavours, offering a delightful balance. Notably, the dish caters to those with milder palates, steering clear of overwhelming spiciness. They were also very generous with their seafood!

Veg Bistro Rice (Rs. 950)
As a vegetarian option, the Veg Bistro Rice showcased a thoughtful combination of vegetables atop the same flavourful base of garlic-infused basmati rice. While lacking the complexity of its meaty counterparts, it stood as a commendable option for those seeking a lighter yet flavourful meal.

Nasi Goreng (Rs. 1200)
The Nasi Goreng presented a fusion of flavours with its basmati rice and homemade nasi paste. While the inclusion of boneless chicken and juicy prawns added depth, the dish leaned towards the spicier side, delivering a bold punch that left a lasting impression. I loved it.

In addition to their main courses, I indulged in their dessert offerings, which provided a sweet conclusion to the meal. The Chocolate Biscuit Pudding, although a classic choice, didn’t wow me. The Chocstasy, however, stole the spotlight with its moist cake base and decadent chocolate topping, offering a delightful contrast of textures.

The Bistro succeeds in delivering on its promise of simplicity and quality, and with plans for future expansion into dine-in options, there is potential for The Bistro to further elevate its offerings and ambience, providing patrons with a more immersive culinary experience.
The Bistro stands as a testament to the resilience and passion of its founders, offering a glimpse into the potential of cloud kitchens in delivering quality cuisine to discerning palates. While not without its minor shortcomings, The Bistro succeeds in leaving a lasting impression, enticing diners to explore the symphony of flavours that await within its virtual doors.

Pics courtesy: The Bistro


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