How to create your own home gym

Leading a healthy lifestyle seems to be a concern for most Lankans (at least based on the number of walkers at Independence Square at night!). 

Whether you’re into cardio or weight training, gym memberships can zap a considerable amount of cash off your wallets! 

Not only are you spending a lot of money on a gym membership but you are also spending money to and back from the gym. And commercial gyms don’t always give you the breathing space you need to follow your own workout regime in peace (what with sweaty fellow gym-goers reaching for weights you want to use!).

And admittedly most of us who want to work out are too lazy to actually make a trip to the gym. 

So what’s the best option if you want to work out but not travel or if you want to save yourself the money?

Building a gym in your own home.

It sounds like a costly affair but it doesn’t have to be! 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when building a home gym.


1. Space

The major factor in building your own home gym is having the correct space. Ideally, the garage or a spare bedroom where you can close yourself away from distractions is better than building a gym in your living room space. Make note of the flooring, ventilation and atmosphere. Have at least one full-length mirror in the space so you see yourself from head to toe. If you can watch your form and technique as you exercise it will dramatically lower your chances of injury. 

2. Budget
A home gym doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It’ll only be expensive where you spend on unnecessary equipment and products. Don’t start big, start with the very basics and then work yourself up to more upgrades only when you need them. Make sure you have a budget on how much you will spend on equipment and make sure to keep your eye out for bargain prices when purchasing the equipment. It may seem cheaper to go to a gym that already has the equipment, but over time having your own home gym will be an investment. 

3. Flooring
The proper flooring will protect your floor and your equipment. Padded flooring is an advantage for all exercises. It will make most exercises much more comfortable by reducing the wear and tear faced by your knees and other joints.

4. Weights and machines
Invest in the right kind of equipment. As great as a treadmill sounds, many who are setting up their own home gym are encouraged to buy free weights instead of machines. It will keep the workout simple, your cost low and your space uncluttered. But if you're into weight training and have space for one essential machine that aids all your workouts, it might be wise to go for it. 

5. Essential equipment
To have a good home gym and not break your bank, only invest in a few essential equipment.  

Many fitness experts recommend that a home gym should have the following. 

For cardio

Although you could just do a rapid succession of walks up and down the stairs before you start your workout, you could have the following options for cardio as well. 


For weight training


For ab exercises and stretching

Where can you buy this equipment?
Quantum Fitness
Mansa Fitness 

Text by Panchali Illankoon 


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