5 must have gadgets in your vehicle if you’re driving around Colombo

No one in their right mind has ever said ‘driving around Colombo is so much fun!’. That’s because driving around Colombo is an exhausting task. From random traffic blocks that get you stuck in one place for a good hour to those drivers who seem to cut and turn without signalling, navigating through Colombo is not for the faint hearted. 

But what could possibly make this traumatising experience a little better? Having the right kind of gadgets in your vehicle to make your journey less stressful! 

We came up with 5 of the most important gadgets you must have in your vehicle if you plan on driving around Colombo unscathed! 


1. Dashcam

If you are driving around Colombo, then you know very well a dashcam can save you from hours of arguing about who’s at fault after an accident. It’s often used by insurance companies to determine who is at fault; having a dashcam will give you the peace of mind knowing that you have evidence against traffic violations and you can let facts speak for themselves when you are proving who is at fault.
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2. Blind spot mirrors

Having a car close in near your blind spot can be a massive disaster if you let it. A blind spot mirror will help you see a wider range when driving and help prevent small accidents.  A small gadget like this will help you stay safe and avoid collisions.
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3. Smart phone mount

Many drivers rely on their phones for navigation, playing music and calls while driving but the very action of holding the phone while performing these tasks is said to impair the driver’s ability to drive and increases the risk of a crash. 

In Sri Lanka, even touching the phone is a traffic violation these days so for the sake of safety it is better to get a smartphone mount that will keep the screen viewable at a glance and the voice command button at easy reach. 

This will help you concentrate more and avoid getting fined!
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4. Revert vehicle badges

A common problem for most vehicle owners is having their vehicle badges stolen. Reverting your vehicle badges can prevent thieves from stealing them and also save you the cost of having to replace the vehicle badge once stolen because the purchase price for an original badge is extremely costly. 


5. GPS

GPS is one of the most useful gadgets one could have in their vehicles. The benefits are plenty. You can avoid getting lost, you can avoid the terrible traffic blocks in Colombo and you can save on a lot of time and money and gas by getting a GSP system in the vehicle because it will give you the quickest route to your destination.
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Text by Panchali Illankoon 


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