6 mistakes Lankan hybrid owners don’t know they are making

More and more people are opting to buy and use hybrid vehicles in Sri Lanka. But are you giving your hybrid the proper care it needs? Could you be unknowingly making a mistake that might affect the smooth running of your vehicle? 

We went straight to the experts and spoke to Mr. Yasas Gunaratne from Toyota to find out what mistakes hybrid owners in Sri Lanka may be unwittingly making.


1. Changing Coolant on HV inverter and engine

It’s important to do fluid maintenance jobs on hybrids and using a non-genuine coolant can damage the vehicle’s internal components. Toyota Genuine Super Long Life Coolant can be used up to 7 years without any need for replacement.

2. Not paying attention to dust inside the cabin
Dust can easily accumulate in battery cooling components and can hinder your vehicle’s battery cooling performance. To avoid that, dust purification inside the cabin is vital at all times. 

3. Using inappropriate tires
For hybrid owners who tend to be very focused on gas mileage, keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure can improve gas mileage by up to 3.3%. Since low rolling resistance tires are made for fuel efficient vehicles, they will contribute up to 5-15% of your fuel economy.

4. Sudden braking
Sudden but habitual braking will only activate hydraulic braking and you will lose regeneration and energy recovery. This will lead to more fuel being consumed, affecting your overall fuel economy.

5. Regular use of EV Mode with EV switch
The EV mode is only designed to move vehicles without disturbing the neighbourhood but regular usage of the EV mode will increase fuel consumption, once again disrupting your fuel economy. 

6. Use of inappropriate lubricants
Using disingenuous lubricants may be less costly in the short term but will incur you more expenditure in the long term as they tend to damage the components of your vehicle. Toyota Genuine Gearbox Oil and Engine Oil are designed to match the hybrid powertrain requirements and are thus the better option for your vehicle in the long run. 

Text by Panchali Illankoon 


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