Why Japanese cars are more popular in Sri Lanka

Japanese Cars Vs. Other Cars 

When it comes to buying cars, there’s a considerable conflict about what’s better – Japanese cars or European cars. Sri Lanka has quite a large fan base for Japanese cars but what’s the reason behind this? 

We’ve listed down 5 reasons why Japanese vehicles are more popular than others in Sri Lanka. See if you agree. 

Comment below and let us know if we’ve left any points out! 


1. Reliability

Japanese cars are known for being mostly trouble free from major mechanical breakdown or failure. Several studies show that Japanese cars remain the most reliable. 

2. Durability  

Japanese cars are known to be durable and this is one of the many reasons why many opt to buy them. Several owners of Japanese vehicles say that they can drive 200,000 – 300,000 miles before any major repairs are required. 

3. Low purchase cost and low maintenance cost 

Japanese vehicles are affordable by everyone and the market price is comparatively low. Because of the high competition in Japan and auto auctions, the vehicles are offered at a reasonable price. The vehicle is also low in maintenance cost which means that a lot of money is saved during the course of the ownership.

4. High resale value

The resale value of Japanese vehicles is relatively high. Unlike American or European vehicles, Japanese cars don’t depreciate as fast so owners end up getting a much better trade-in value. 

5. Good mileage

The gas mileage in Japanese cars are typically higher so Japanese car owners save money and reduce vehicle emissions.



Text by Panchali Illankoon 

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