6 used Japanese cars you can buy for under 2.5 mil

Don’t want to buy a new car? Looking for a used and reliable car? We just made your job a whole lot easier. We rounded up the top 6 Japanese used cars that you can buy in Sri Lanka for all under 2.5 million! 

1. Honda Civic Ek3

Honda Civic is a car being sold at an affordable price. When it hit the market in the early 1970’s, Honda managed to establish a reputation for quality and innovative design.

Year (range): 1997-2000
Price range: 1.8mil - 2.3mil
Engine capacity: 1500cc
Fuel type: Petrol

2. Mazda Familia BJ5p

A low maintenance vehicle, the Maza Familia BJ5p is famous for its fuel efficiency. With a spacious interior and a spacious trunk, it’s a handy vehicle for travelling.

Year (range): 2000 - 2003
Price range: 2mil - 2.4mil
Engine capacity: 1300cc & 1500cc
Fuel type: Petrol

3. Lancer Ck2

One of Mitsubishi’s impressive high quality fleet; the Lancer Ck2 guarantees top speed and steady handling. 

Year (range) : 1997-2002
Price range : 1.6mil - 2.2mil
Engine capacity : 1500cc
Fuel type : Petrol

4. Toyota Corolla AE110

The Corolla AE110 has been called economical, reliable, low maintenance and fuel efficient. But more importantly – almost every driver can guarantee that it’s a fun to drive! 

Year (range) : 1996-1999
Price range : 1.8mil - 2.4mil
Engine capacity : 1300cc & 1500cc
Fuel type : Petrol

5. Nissan Sunny N16

N16, the last of the Pulser line, was released in 2000 and was said to be a well-equipped, economical sedan that performed well and gave little trouble.

Year (range) : 2000 - 2006
Price range : 1.9mil - 2.5mil
Engine capacity : 1300cc & 1500cc
Fuel type : Petrol

6. Nissan Sunny FB15

While the automatic may not be as exciting as a manual, it does promise the ease of driving, better fuel efficiency and a hassle free drive!
Year (range) : 1999 - 2003
Price range : 2.3mil - 2.5mil
Engine capacity : 1500cc
Fuel type : Petrol

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