6 interior design mistakes Sri Lankans make with their homes

We Sri Lankans can be quite ambitious when envisioning our dream homes and our eccentric sense of style when it comes to designing and decorating our homes can lead to mistakes that mess up the entire ambience and style of the house. 

We spoke to Interior Architect Ms. Ayodhaya Jayewardene of ‘Ispirato Pvt Ltd’,  an interior designing company she runs along with her partner Sharon Jayasuriya, to give us an idea about the common mistakes we Sri Lankans make when it comes to interior designing. 


1. Getting the lighting wrong
Sri Lankans tend to always overlook feature lighting and go for very general lighting arrangement. However, it’s so important to get the lighting right as it really sets the ambience for each space. For example, when you get the lighting done to highlight certain areas such as; a bar area, feature wall or a painting, it really sets the tone of each room.

The lights for the pictured apartment interior were supplied and fabricated by Avikans Pvt Ltd/ 0112 555432 N0 17, Stratford Avenue, Colomobo 6

2. Buying off-the shelf furniture
Buying ready-made furniture from a store tends to give your house a very common and ordinary look. Ayodhaya recommends spending a little bit of time and getting your furniture custom-designed, so it adds a very unique and personal touch to your home.

All the furniture in pictured apartment was custom made by Master Pieces Pvt LTd / 005 014 505 / No 130, W.A De Silva Mawatha. 

3. Not looking into the details
Sri Lankans rarely pay attention to the details. Ayodhaya believes “God is in the details” so make sure you look into the finer details, finishes and the craftsmanship if you’ve decided to go for bespoke furniture or light fittings.

4. Over cluttering
If there’s one thing all Sri Lankan householders are guilty of – it’s hoarding! From shelves of ceramic ornaments to furniture handed down from generations, our houses tend to look a bit like an overcrowded antique shop! So keep it simple and classy.

5. Foreign and imported don't always mean the best
We do have some excellent local artists and craftsmen who are just as good at what they do. Just because it’s foreign and it’s imported doesn’t always mean it’s going to be of good quality.

6. Bright colours on walls
As important as it is to add a little colour to your home, avoid bold and bright colours and patterns everywhere. Go for more of a muted colour palette overall and highlight bold colours to add class and style to your home.  

Here are 5 paint brands in Sri Lanka you could choose from.


Text by Panchali Illankoon 


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