5 fixes that can increase the value of your home

Decided to rent or sell your home? Unless it’s brand new, there are guaranteed to be some things that could use a face lift. These tweaks (large and small) should be considered money well spent since they will increase the value of your property and allow you to charge more rent or sell for a higher price. 


Remember this list assumes that basics like wiring, plumbing and sanitation are all taken care of, since those are absolute necessities. The following are for the most part, aesthetic or practical considerations that, while requiring a certain amount of money to be invested, will virtually guarantee that the value of your property increases too. 


1. Paint

This is an obvious first step. Plaster up any holes in the walls and then give every room, as well as the outside of the house a fresh coat of paint, just white washing won’t cut it; buy a good quality paint and make sure you hire a professional painter.

Here are 5 paint brands in Sri Lanka you could choose from.


2. Landscaping 

Your garden bears a lot of the responsibility when it comes to favourably impressing a potential renter/buyer. While getting professional help with landscaping can cost a packet, once you get the sod in and have a lovely lawn in place, you can then be choosy about the plants you select, going for those that are readily available, hardy and quick to grow and bloom. Features like walkways and fountains can also add considerable value to the property. Don’t neglect the back garden! Make sure that that too is neat and well maintained.   

3. Entrance way

Your front door and the lead up to it need to be as appealing and welcoming as possible. Trim plants that might be growing over and obscuring your front door. Make sure that the door itself isn’t warped and that it hasn’t been affected by dry rot. If it’s wooden, consider sanding and varnishing it. Painting your door could also be an option, for example a bright red front door is considered very advantageous from a Feng Shui point of view. You should also ensure that the lock is in good working order since wrestling with your front door while attempting to open it isn’t likely to be considered a positive! Also make sure that all the bulbs by the entrance (both inside the house and out) are in good working order so that there is a warm, welcoming ambience for visitors to step into.    


4. Upgrade a bathroom/the kitchen 

Both these rooms are very important to renters and buyers since they are generally the most in use, particularly for families. Adding a bath and fresh tiles to the bathroom and putting new counter tops on kitchen cabinet units or investing in a double sink and tap with an extendable hose are all relatively small but visually and practically impressive changes. 


5. Solar power and air conditioning

These are serious investments but they also add serious value. Solar power ensures that your buyer or renter virtually bids good bye to their monthly electricity bill, while air conditioning (even just in vital spots like the bedrooms and lounges/tv areas) add luxury and convenience, not to mention seem like downright necessities during Sri Lanka’s scorching hot months! 


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