2016’s top 6 selling cars in Sri Lanka

On Colombo streets, you’re bound to see more of one type of vehicle, which got us thinking.
What are the best selling vehicles in Sri Lanka for this year? 

We made a list. 

06. Alto 800
The ideal small car to beat the traffic in Colombo. Comes with all the basic options. During July, there were 1,331 brand-new cars registered, of which half or 663 were Maruti Altos.  


Price range (Unregistered) Rs, 2 Million to 2.3 Million
Price range (Registered)  Rs.1.6Million to 1.8Million 
Fuel Efficiency (City) 12 kmpl -15 kmpl
Fuel Efficiency (Outstation) 18 kmpl -22 kmpl
Authorised Service Centre AMW


05 Honda Vezel 
You see so many of these on our roads, you might be wondering if they're more abundant that our humble 'tuk tuks'! 

Price range (Unregistered) Rs, 6.8 million to 7.2 million
Price range (Registered)  Rs. 5.4 million to 6.6 million
Fuel Efficiency (City) 13 kmpl -15 kmpl
Fuel Efficiency (Outstation) 17 kmpl -18 kmpl
Authorised Service Centre Stafford Motor Company  


04. Toyota Aqua
Probably one of the most popular Hybrid cars seen on the Colombo streets. Ideal for a small family. Very good on petrol. 

Price range (Unregistered) Rs, 4.5 million to 5 million
Price range (Registered)  Rs. 3.7 million to 4.2 million
Fuel Efficiency (City) 16 kmpl -18 kmpl
Fuel Efficiency (Outstation) 22 kmpl -25 kmpl
Authorised Service Centre Toyota Lanka 


03. Honda Fit GP5
Both Aqua and Fit are almost similar in size and very similar in options as well. 

Price range (Unregistered) Rs, 4.7Million to 5.2Million
Price range (Registered)  Rs. 3.6Million to 4.5Million
Fuel Efficiency (City) 11 kmpl -13 kmpl
Fuel Efficiency (Outstation) 16 kmpl -17 kmpl
Authorised Service Centre Stafford Motor Company 


02. Nissan Xtrail – Hybrid 
The most popular SUV in Colombo at the moment, the Xtrail Hybrid comes with a 2000cc engine and with all the latest features. 

Price range (Unregistered) Rs, 9.5Million to 11Million
Price range (Registered)  Rs. 8.4Million to 9 Million
Fuel Efficiency (City) 10 kmpl -12 kmpl
Fuel Efficiency (Outstation) 16 kmpl -19 kmpl
Authorised Service Centre AMW


01. Suzuki Stingray
Suzuki Stingray a very spacious car in the class. Comes with a 650cc engine using semi-hybrid technology to increase fuel efficiency.

Price range (Unregistered) Rs, 3.3Million to 3.5Million
Price range (Registered)  Rs. 2.9Million to 3.1 Million
Fuel Efficiency (City) 14 kmpl -15 kmpl
Fuel Efficiency (Outstation) 21 kmpl -23 kmpl
Authorised Service Centre AMW


Disclaimer : Rates are indications only and are subject to change. Listing of the vehicles is based on popular consensus obtained through vehicle sellers around Colombo.

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