Buzz!!!! With Danu - Naomi Rajaratnam

Today on Buzz I feature the Legendary dance sensation Naomi Rajaratnam who is back with yet another production titled ‘Grace and Glo...

WTF – Kavva dabba doo….

This week on WTF, I bring out the wild side, and hop around like Tarzan. We check out the all-new KAVA, making new waves with the roof ...

Fashionably Danu Featuring - Retro .90

Flower power, bright , island loving shirts are the biggest trend today, they seem to be trending from Bull & Bear, forever 21, Zara to...

WTF – Its Raining Fries

Everyday is FRYDAY when you love your fires, and who will say no to such goodness and comfort.

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Geeshan Bandara

I am a Wedding Photojournalist. I tell the story of the wedding with my pictures using my own artistic interpretation

WTF – Truly Lankan

On WTF this week, I visited a popular Colombo venue that lies in the Trip Advisor Hall of fame as they have received a certificate of ...

WTF – A Box with Two Windows and a Door

Sometimes you will be shocked to find out where help is needed, and at times it’s not even far from your home.

WTF – Had it all

This week we check out Ramada, located in the heart of the city with everything buzzing around it, and so much to do in the little prop...

Fashionably Danu - 1331

Fashionably Danu has always been a platform to show what amazing designs we can celebrate from SL- a brand that has been consistent wit...

WTF – Nomed

On WTF this week, I wanted a mix of it all. So we wanted to try dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Chamat Arambewela

Buzz with Danu is always proud to speak about LANKAN Talent shining internationaly, today I have Chamat who is now in London as the He...

WTF – 45 and you are there

I walked into this gorgeous property trying to beat the heat and get away from the terrible heat stroke I was suffering from. It was id...

WTF – The Ying To My Yang

Sometimes we don’t need to look far to find the peace and quiet. I visited a place with great hospitality, intimate surroundings and ...

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Kevin De Mel

Today I sit to buzz with someone who is always just a few feet away from me every morning.

WTF – Rating Rare

This has been on the WTF bucket list for some time, because every time I’ve enjoyed a meal or two here I’ve always been left wantin...

Fashionably Danu - Featuring Kasun x Content

Today I have an amazing designer with a million dollar personality.

WTF – Country Code

Now we all know the well known brand Café Kumbuk; well, meet her sister PLUS NINE FOUR – and she is HOT.

Buzz!!!! With Danu -Shane Perera

Today on the buzz I have a Queen. Shane has been making waves for his swag and style in the world of beauty

WTF – Too Full To Move!

It’s the holidays and I wanted to break my diet in style, so I went and checked out a place which is well priced and yet has amazing ...

Buzz!!!! With Danu Kevin Cruze

Today on the buzz I speak to Kevin

WTF – Yellow Saree and Long Hair

Last Sunday I was asked to come watch a performance, so I drove down a lane which had no lights and climbed 3 floors up to walk into a ...

Fashionably, Danu: Featuring - FMLK

Today on Fashionably Danu I feature an online store that has been making waves, keeping it truly local and affordable.

WTF – Stirred Well

Lets break it down; as you know we are doing features on some cool café/restaurant spots in Colombo

Buzz!!!! With Danu -Nazneen Nazeer

Today on the Buzz I speak to a young entrepreneur who ran with her dream and is now on a mission to make us all beautiful.

WTF – Instagrammable!

I’m late to fall in love with this place, how sad. I was told by a dear friend of mine “there is place in Colombo, they serves the ...

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - LOVI

Fashionably Danu this week features the amazing Lankan brand that’s making international headlines - LOVI

WTF – Space

I fought traffic to get to get to this place and it was worth my bad mood and the profanity I used towards the others on the road

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Umeshi Rajeendra

Today on the Buzz I speak to Umeshi who has brought new meaning to dancing and what it means to her.

WTF – sporty

Today on WTF, I check out the new buzz in Colombo, one that you know is a star partnership.