Buzz!!!! With Danu - Kevin De Mel

Today I sit to buzz with someone who is always just a few feet away from me every morning.

WTF – Rating Rare

This has been on the WTF bucket list for some time, because every time I’ve enjoyed a meal or two here I’ve always been left wantin...

Fashionably Danu - Featuring Kasun x Content

Today I have an amazing designer with a million dollar personality.

WTF – Country Code

Now we all know the well known brand Café Kumbuk; well, meet her sister PLUS NINE FOUR – and she is HOT.

Buzz!!!! With Danu -Shane Perera

Today on the buzz I have a Queen. Shane has been making waves for his swag and style in the world of beauty

WTF – Too Full To Move!

It’s the holidays and I wanted to break my diet in style, so I went and checked out a place which is well priced and yet has amazing ...

Buzz!!!! With Danu Kevin Cruze

Today on the buzz I speak to Kevin

WTF – Yellow Saree and Long Hair

Last Sunday I was asked to come watch a performance, so I drove down a lane which had no lights and climbed 3 floors up to walk into a ...

Fashionably, Danu: Featuring - FMLK

Today on Fashionably Danu I feature an online store that has been making waves, keeping it truly local and affordable.

WTF – Stirred Well

Lets break it down; as you know we are doing features on some cool café/restaurant spots in Colombo

Buzz!!!! With Danu -Nazneen Nazeer

Today on the Buzz I speak to a young entrepreneur who ran with her dream and is now on a mission to make us all beautiful.

WTF – Instagrammable!

I’m late to fall in love with this place, how sad. I was told by a dear friend of mine “there is place in Colombo, they serves the ...

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - LOVI

Fashionably Danu this week features the amazing Lankan brand that’s making international headlines - LOVI

WTF – Space

I fought traffic to get to get to this place and it was worth my bad mood and the profanity I used towards the others on the road

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Umeshi Rajeendra

Today on the Buzz I speak to Umeshi who has brought new meaning to dancing and what it means to her.

WTF – sporty

Today on WTF, I check out the new buzz in Colombo, one that you know is a star partnership.

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Reyhan

Today I’m Buzzing with Reyhan and it was hard for him to answer all these questions specially after the big match weekend.

WTF – Truly Asia

This week on WTF I speak about my visit to the land where street food haunts you and a good foot massage is affordable

Fashionably, Danu - Featuring Asalt Leather

Today on Fashionably, Danu I feature a brand that’s been around for along time - Asalt leather

WTF – Living it

‘Living proof’ is a visual storytelling project by Jake Oorloff.


I had such a blissful weekend in the heart of the city. My stay was at The Kingsbury hotel

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - Collectique

I may not look it, but I love Marvel / DC etc. But it’s always hard to find the original goodies here in Lanka, till I came across th...

WTF – Bubble Bubble

Social media took me to Brew Bar’s bubble waffles, where I felt like a kid living the yum life located in Rosemead Place, inside the ...

Buzz!!!! With Danu

Today on the Buzz I speak to a silent champion, or at least that’s how I see him

WTF – Sweet booth for a sweet tooth

Don’t you sometimes tell yourself “Oh! I so want something sweet now” I had the feeling just last week and I drove pass Hyve Dess...

Fashionably, Danu Featuring - MAZE

On Fashionably Danu, I always find joy in promoting new talent and great creators who have worked in making it a success.

WTF – He knows everyone and everyone knows him

WTF visits one amazing man this week, Jith Pieris who has the world at his phone

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Dinushka

I followed my intuition which constantly told me that I have to give my full attention to Clubhouse Vivaldi if I ever want it to get to...