Well, Mudaliyar How?

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The Mudaliyar is in debt and his family is having a tough time. He wants to keep his social status but these debts are standing in his way. With two children of marriageable ages, Abraham the Notary, on the other hand, is Mudaliyar’s good friend. But the Mudaliyar is in debt to the Notary and the Notary tries his way around, blackmailing the Mudaliyar in an attempt to get the money back. But little did both parties know that Abraham’s son Chandra has been carrying on with Mudaliyar’s daughter Phyllis for some time.

With a series of twists and turns, the Notary finds out this mishap and to add more icing to the cake, the Mudaliyar in order to ease his burden from debts, suggests that Abraham’s daughter Emily should marry his son Freddie. Hence, all debts were cleared and both parties became one big family. 


Towards the end of the show a few theatre lovers had this to say : 

“The Notary was excellent because he brought out all the puns. I’m glad that I took part in this play many years ago.” – Manel 

“Superb show.” – Randini

“Loved the setting and the script.” – Wasantha 

“It takes one back to a bygone era. Job well done.” – G.L. Peiris

“I enjoyed it.” –

“The play was good and the performances were brilliant.” – Brian


“My favourite was the Mudaliyar’s daughter because she just had a few lines to deliver but with her expressions, she did it well.” – Buddhima


“I have been going for Jaliya’s plays for a while and this is a good revival after the original play. The cast did a good job.” – Sajaad

“This is the first time I have seen the play and it takes you back to another era. That’s the beauty of it.” – George

“It’s something that I too have acted in and I supported them. They did an excellent job.” – Indu


“I loved it and they did a brilliant. I laughed from the beginning to the end.” – Sanwada 


Pics by: Waruna Wanniarachchi


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