The Neil Diamond Superhits Show

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On Sunday the 28th of October, at the Hilton Colombo Grand Ballroom, The Neil Diamond Superhits Show and A Tribute to the music of John Denver by DK Promotions took place.

The presence of the two legends was indeed felt by the audience through the magnificent performances of Steve Cummings and Marc Roberts.


The show kicked off with the host of the evening, Thilina Uderathne calling Tony Mayhur the keyboard artist on stage who played a soft melody alongside a clip of John Denver which was shown to the audience. After which the award winning acoustic artist from Ireland, Marc Roberts, who had had the pleasure of meeting John Denver was called on stage to perform the most famous hits of his, taking the audience on a journey through his life. Roberts easily swept the audience away with his amazing voice from his first song, “For You”. “For Baby for Bobbie” a wedding song was performed and then  the entire room accompanied Marc Roberts in singing “Country Roads”, clapping along to the beat. The country vibe remained in the audience as he performed “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”, which was an upbeat song performed with much vigour, with his feet thumping the stage. The atmosphere then escalated into spreading a feeling of romance through the audience with the single “Annie’s Song”, more prominently known as “You Fill Up My Senses”. Marc Roberts left the audience wanting more with his last performance, “Try a Little Kindness”, a song by Glen Campbell, an artist Roberts had the pleasure of meeting during one of his tours. With each and every song he performed, Marc Roberts did not fail in dazzling the audience with his wondrous voice as his variations were rich and heartfelt and each and every note he hit was nothing but perfect.

After having thanked Marc Roberts along with his Keyboard player, Tony Mayhur and their director Don Collins for staging an astounding performance, a twenty minute intermission with a spread from the Hilton Colombo was given. Shortly afterwards, the second session kept the audience at the edge of their seats as the host called onto the stage the other famous performer from Australia, Steve Cummings.


The guitarists and the drummers filled in and assisted Steve Cummings resulting in a superb performance. Chart winning songs of Neil Diamond were performed by Steve Cummings and his band. The audience was once again taken through a journey of the music of Neil Diamond. “If You Know What I Mean”, “Sweet Caroline” and “Kentucky Woman” were some of the many upbeat rock songs that were performed and kept the audience moving in their seats. Then, he switched to a calmer aura to soothe the audience by performing “Red Red Wine” followed by a few more songs of the like. He then switched back to an upbeat tone, by performing “I’m a Believer”, a well renowned hit single by Neil Diamond. While adding genuine humor  to his performance on stage, Steve Cumming’s with his thrilling bass voice earned vigorous applause from the audience and left the entire audience satisfied with his last performance, “Cherry Cherry”.

Both performances were  spectacular overall and it's great to have the hits from the 90s still alive amidst  the range of modern music. These songs have great meaning behind the lyrics and must be kept going as they’ve proven to be great singles. Damayanthe Kuruppu was then warmly welcomed on stage to wrap up the show and he thanked his entire crew and the audience for their hard work and great support. Next, the audience was given some  insight on more of the upcoming shows organized by DK promotions such as the shows by Danielle O’ Donnell together with Mary Duff who are performing on the 13th of March 2019 at the BMICH,  Foster and Allen performing on the 27th of April 2019 at the BMICH, Songs of Motown featuring Roy Hemmings, who is the only living member of the band and The Drifters together with Anna Ross on the 05th of June 2019 at the Hilton Colombo Grand Ballroom.

Pictures by: Kithsiri  De Mel


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