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A hotelier who lives within the walled fort of Galle, Tuan likes bike riding, sunsets, music and counts cooking and gaming as his hobbies. He detests bad weather and racism. Proud of his roots within the Fort, Tuan loves nothing better than showing friends around his hometown. 
Why do you love travel? 
Travelling gives me the chance to meet different people and learn about their culture, habits, their interests, try new food, capture memories and see life in a different perspective. 
Your favourite travel destination and why? 
Actually there are a couple. But if I have to pick one it would be Athens. Mostly for the souvlakis and the Greek frappes. There is also a lot to see around the city and the 2004 Olympic city. Greek people are very nice and welcoming which is a bonus. 
What do you need for a perfect holiday? 
A good companion who is up for anything to make the trip pleasant and enjoy the most of every situation. 
In which country have you felt most at home? 
Besides Sri Lanka I would say Italy. Mostly because I lived there for 8 years and I read, write and speak Italian. Besides, I love Italian cuisine. 
Most unusual souvenir you have brought home? 
The juicy mandarins picked from the trees around Athens city back in 2009. 
Worst holiday or travel experience? 
Couple of years back three of my friends and I visited Lisbon and on our third day our car crashed and one of my friends had to go through surgery. We all ended up spending our vacation in a hospital. 
Best piece of travel advice? 
Always plan ahead. Read about the places. Find out about things you can do. Try to get information about the place from a local. And most importantly try to avoid rainy seasons. 
Your top five travel destinations? 
Cape Town - South Africa 
Calabria - Italy 
New York - United States 
Amsterdam - Netherlands 
Cape Verde 
What has travel taught you? 
To see people differently and understand about how and what makes the people different from one culture to another. 
Which country did you taste the best ever cuisine? 
Italy. No doubt about it... from Milanese risotto to Burrata from Puglia. 
Next travel destination? 
By Tina Edward Gunawardhana


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