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This week Harini Gunatunga features on Checking Out. Qualified in the field of HR, Harini is widely travelled. Her travel has taken her across the globe to America, Europe and Asia which has enriched her outlook on life.

Why do you love travel?
To see and experience different cultures, attractions, architecture, cuisine and shopping of course 
Your favourite travel destination and why?
Has to be Australia since it’s a country with so many places to visit. Australia is full of many unique animal species with a rich wild and marine life and has a perfect balance of modern and vintage cultures as well.
What do you need for a perfect holiday?
Perfect company of family and friends.
In which country have you felt most at home?
Australia again because of many relations and friends living there and great times had with them. But Sri Lanka will always be my sweet home.
Most unusual souvenir you have brought home?
Souvenirs are a must, yet no unusual souvenirs so far.
Worst holiday or travel experience?
A delay in a connecting flight made us wait in the airport for hours during a visit to United States.
Best piece of travel advice?
Travel light and have all your travel documents intact.  A little bit of research on the destinations before you travel will always come handy.
Your top five travel destinations?
• Australia
• United States
• United kingdom
• France
• Switzerland 
What has travel taught you?
Importance of time management and being well-organised. 
There is so much to explore and experience beyond our shores. 
Always make up time for a vacation in between our busy schedules to enjoy life with loved ones. 
In which country did you taste the best ever cuisine?
I think China offered tasty and a healthier diet.
Next travel destination?
Maldives or Malaysia. 

Text by Tina Edward Gunawardhana


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