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Checking Out: Alifiya Caderbhoy Kapasi
For glamorous Alifiya, life is also about laughter, family and friends. Having inherited the travel bug from her husband Muslim, Alifiya and her two daughters Sarrah and Lubaina have travelled extensively. The CEO of an entertainment company called Movies & More, Alifiya, originally from Sri Lanka now lives in Mumbai. She loves swimming, yoga, health food, cooking and socialising.
Why do you love travel?
Travelling is all about witnessing different life, culture, people, style, food and above all connecting with the world and making your dreams come true!
Your favourite travel destination and why?
It's hard to select a favourite destination as travelling makes you want to explore a new place every time... 
What do you need for a perfect holiday?
Plan ahead as the  holiday deals are awesome! Pack light and right. Read about the place you are visiting. Have realistic expectations!
In which country have you felt most at home?
Born a Sri Lankan now residing in India and travelling around the world has made me realise that Sri Lanka is a paradise on earth! The tropical forests, the rich heritage, beaches, people, food all make it so special for me.
Most unusual souvenir you have brought home?
In Austria, we found 3 boxes of Swarovski Crystals for the price of peanuts! Never have I heard a single soul getting that deal ever! 
Worst holiday or travel experience?
Never had a bad holiday nor a bad experience.
Best piece of travel advice?
Speak to as many locals as possible and try to stay open to new possibilities.These have often led to once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you won’t find in a guidebook and cannot easily be replicated. Take your time and immerse yourself in a destination, otherwise it may feel like you’re just ticking some place off a list. My holidays have always been for over a month! Gives you the depth and core of the place. 
Your top five travel destinations?
The French Riviera (France) 
Edinburgh (Scotland) 
Venice (Italy) 
Niagara Falls (Canada)
What has travel taught you?
You have to first shrug off the ‘safe’ and ‘tried and tested’ syndrome and delve into the unexplored with a free spirit. My kids have a far wider view of culture, cuisines and traditions. Travel is a pathway to knowledge and life time experiences! 
In which country did you taste the best ever cuisine?
It is unfair to pick one but the meal we had on board the Princess Cruise...Alaskan Cuisine Fresh Salmon, Halibut and King crabs were unbelievably presented and the taste to die for! 
Next travel destination?
The Japan Cruise Morocco Greece Prague Czech Republic. Bahamas just trying to choose which one.
Text by Tina Edward Gunawardhana


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