Veganism - A Much Debated topic

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Over time, many thoughts about meat consumption have been exchanged and veganism, the complete withdrawal from eating or using products of animal origin, has taken over the whole world with mixed yet strong views. We talked to a few people to ask their opinions about the topic at hand and ways to get good nutrition if one is to be a vegan.

Dr. Hasara Jayasekara

“I think veganism is good and while saving millions of animal lives we can also make a positive impact on global warming. It is practical with adults because the alternatives and options are available. But with children I don’t think it’s practical because the growing children need a massive load of protein, calcium, essential amino acids and essential minerals like B12 that we cannot extract from plant lives easily. As alternatives we can suggest ovo lacto vegetarianism/ ovo vegetarianim etc. If you actually compare nutrient loads of plants and animal food, you’ll see that we don’t need alternatives except B12. 

Being a vegan is a choice. A strong choice that will save animal lives as well as the earth. It teaches us about mercy and compassion as well as environmental responsibility. It’s a stepwise approach for some people where they become ovo lacto vegetarian then lacto vegetarian and then vegan. Some people make a stronger decision.”

Dr. Dulanji Kuruppu

“Personally, I think being vegan is not practical for me at this point of my life. Being a vegetarian was practical for me, but I had to quit after 15 years for personal reasons. Also during the 5 undergrad years since I was away from home, it was really hard to fulfill the nutritional requirements with all the food available in the university and nearby places being quite less nutritious. Due to this situation, I got anaemic and tired in the final year of the degree, because it was very hard to get the required amount of protein juggling studies and hospital work. 

Plant proteins are a great alternative for meat, which are also less expensive but this is easier if you prepare almost all the meals at home. Being stationed out of home and with the resources available nearby, it’s quite hard to cook and balance a busy lifestyle as well. In this case one can consume dietary supplements. This would be better to do under a nutritionist’s guidance, rather than going by one’s own accord.”

Miss. Dulanjalee Niralgama

“I love the concept. I wish if I could be a vegan. I always search for products that are cruelty free, like shampoo and cosmetics. I try as much as possible. When it comes to food, I have failed. I tried once, but I didn’t try hard enough. I’m positive if I tried a little more I would have been at least vegetarian. 

We can always grow plants and vegetables to get the nutrition and that would make them organic as well. Fruits and vegetables would do a good job in getting the proper nutrition. Anyone who follows a well-planned vegan diet will not get certain sicknesses like cancer. 

Everyone has a right to live. If there are no plants in this world, then yeah, apply the jungle theory and eat an animal. But there are plants and we humans have the brains to grow them in a nutritious way than before. It’s not fair to take a life and survive when we could have done it in a better way preserving the lives of the animals.” 

Miss Chathuri Gunathunga

“It’s a good concept, but hard to practise in my opinion. Under veganism, gelatin cannot be consumed which takes out a plethora of food products available in the market in Sri Lanka. It is a bit hard to exercise in Sri Lanka as there are little to no restaurants serving vegan dishes or are completely vegan. I think it’s easier to practise vegetarianism rather than veganism given the conditions in Sri Lanka. Also, animal proteins aren’t essential to get the needed nutrition for humans to survive, it can be taken from vegetables. But we have to keep in mind to not cook vegetables that much which will cause them to lose its nutrient value; the more raw they are the better.” 

Ms. Mizra Sarap

“I don’t think it’s practical. I believe one should have a balanced diet, including both vegetables and meat. When it comes to beliefs and religion, I believe even plants have life..” 


The respondents have expressed many positive aspects of veganism. The limited options and the busy lifestyle of the youth are two of the major concerns when practising veganism. This is a major decision that would alter the life of both people and the world for the better. The question is, are you willing to make the sacrifice? 


Devini Wettimuny

Devini Wettimuny is a writer, a marketer and a food scientist who has a degree in Food Science and technology. She has a quirky personality and is in the pursuit of bringing her love for food and writing together.



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