Today’s the perfect day to wear red!

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Red, a mainstay (thankfully) of fashion's cyclical nature is the perfect colour for today, Valentine's Day. Red is such a powerful colour and can create a multitude of emotions ranging anywhere from happiness to anger and, of course, love. 

It’s funny how the reputation of red persists. According to studies published as recently as 2015, men still think that women wearing red are promiscuous, and women think that they’re more likely to be adventurous! 

(image courtesy MANGO) 

Red is such a major trend mainly because it is universally flattering. It complements all skin tones and works for any style more so perhaps than any other shade as their is a red to suit any skin tone  like, oxblood, ruby, maroon, auburn, crimson, vermillion, scarlet, or the other 50. 

(image courtesy MAUS, available at PR) 

I personally have a very contradictory relationship with red. On one hand, I love red especially (deep) red lipstick, red nails and Louboutin red on the other hand I hardly ever wear it and when I do it’s more through accessories and not always the main focus. 

(image courtesy ANOHKI, available at MILK) 

Red works beautifully with pink, blue and grey or even do it head to toe. Red lends itself to being much more versatile than other colours as it comes in so man fabulous shades. Some with brown undertones that make it much easier to complement a variety of skin tones whilst also adding a touch of regal-ness. 

(image courtesy Buddhi Batiks) 

Red has long been associated with power, but running alongside that is also a current of danger. "Sanguineous shades hold a lethal fascination," writes Vogue Magazine. "More dazzling than deadly, this season's reds are healthy, warm and vibrant, proving fashion's heart beats strong and sure." 

The only problem with red, if it really is one,  is that it makes such an impression. Bright red delivers such a vibrant hit to the inner eye, that the garment very quickly becomes dull on subsequent outings. Wear a red dress and everyone will remember you, hopefully for the right reasons, but it's a tough one to follow. 

Just remember how ever you wear it, to paint the town red!




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