The Best Dressed List from Colombo Fashion Week

Mar 22 2017. view 533


Boasting an exceptional lineup of Sri Lankan and international designers, Colombo Fashion Week is one of the much loved, most awaited events and a great way to showcase fashion and style both on and off the catwalk. From emerging and established designers, ethical fashion, fashion and film, art exhibitions, after parties and specially curated menus, Colombo Fashion Week was a celebration of all things design. 

There were memorable highlights on the ramp like La Sari’s unflinching commitment to denim which was served up beautifully with batiked designs, modern clever and visually stunning. Emerging designer Savindri Kuruppu's bold punk spirit with exquisite grafitti-esque embroidery on everything from prom dresses to t-shirts, her collection is one that wouldn’t look out of place in wild underground clubs, an emerging star and one to watch! 

Darshi Keerthisena of Buddhi Batiks, who really can be credited with reviving the art of batik and bringing it to the forefront of fashion's consciousness, didn’t disappoint with a collection that travelled from ethereally beautiful to exquisitely crafted and reminded us once again why she’s the star that she is. 

Dimuthu Sahabandu showed a rarefied and elegant collection that can work on the myriad silhouettes of the women who order from him. The thought process behind the importance of sleeves fully integrated into the total design of any given look. The artfully and strategically placed beading designed to emphasize and de-emphasize different areas of the body. And the preponderance of the art of fluidity and draping and how it can be deployed to flatter the wearer. A designer in the truest sense of the word. 

Charini Suriyage and Ramona Oshini both showed collections that were stunning, femme fatale yet wearable and creatively exquisite. There were many more memorable collections and the fashion off ramp was equally memorable. 

Here are my picks for the Best Dressed from Colombo Fashion Week. 






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