Thankful for My Thirties

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I remember thinking that I would never live to be 30 – how could one possibly be that old? I always imagined that life would end at 30; I thought the fun would end, success would stop, and being called ‘Aunty’ would cause gooseflesh on my neck to rise like cacti. I couldn’t be further from the truth. As nice and educational my twenties were, I've never felt complete and prouder than saying that I am in my thirties now. 

There are times I feel like a tech dinosaur and have to ask The Boyfriend for help, but even the two prominent greys on my forehead don’t faze me anymore. Here’s a list of why I am thankful to be in my thirties, let me know if you can add to this! 

1. You understand the value of friends: 

Your circle of friends may have decreased from 780 to 3, but you know that these are the ones you will give you their MAC matte lipsticks without batting an eyelid. You’re done with fake friends and their superficiality. You don’t have the patience or just *cannot* be bothered with them any longer and you’re not afraid to show it. On the other hand, you see people for who they are and are tactful enough to make the most of each situation. 

2. You understand why you shouldn’t be broke: 

You probably had a savings account with a balance of over Rs. 67. Now, you would have come to realise that you don't have to pay for others out of politeness – especially if their homes take up 80% of the Western province of Sri Lanka. You have the b*lls to ask for separate bills because some friends forget to divide the tax component, and you end up paying Rs. 2000 when all you’ve had is lime juice. 

3. You finally have permission to Date: 

If you’re like me, you grew up with parents who believed that virginity is a lifetime thing. 

4. You can manoeuvre yourself around the kitchen: 

Even though you don’t know what a ‘skillet’ is or how best to pronounce it, you’ve graduated from Prima Kottu Mee to homemade pasta. Starvation and repetitive consumption of the same food item can do wonders to motivate you. You find yourself buying thyme, of all things, even if you’re not sure what the herb is used for. 

5. You are at peace with your Past: 

Bad relationships, terrible choices in clothing, meaningless online purchases from ASOS, and Facebook comment rants are behind you. They're petty, time-consuming things for you – you know where to find your peace: when the refrigerator door opens. 

6. Your cosmetics are impressive: 

Even if they’re borrowed or handed down from the trophy-wife BFF, you now have cosmetics to fill a small vault. Most of them are past expiration, but you cannot part from them because you remember all too well when your cosmetics comprised of lip gloss. 

7. You know yourself a little better: 

You cannot fully understand yourself until you go through varied situations in life, and there’s no better story-teller than 30+ years of your life. 

8. You prioritise yourself: 

You’re done feeling like trash and having everyone stomp over you. Every now and then you recite the poem ‘I am an Island’. You finally know that you should put yourself first. 

9. You finally use sunblock: 

I’ve never fully understood the need for sunblock. It’s not like anything has ever done much for me but when you’re dating someone a few years younger, your wrinkles depend on this ritual of slathering sunblock until you liken a pre-bread-crumbed cutlet. I’ve even wondered if edible sunblock in the form of pills were available. 

10. You know Love when you see it: 

You can wade through the t*rd. Even if you haven’t seen ‘love’, you still know ‘trash’ when you meet it. 

Turning 30 for me has been a treat. I am sure it’s the same for you. You could be fast-exiting your 20s, but experiences can just enrich your life. You just need to spend a wee bit more to cover the greys. 

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