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Currently a fashion design student at Raffles Institute of Design in Colombo, Thamaya only started baking around 4 years ago.

“I used to bake for my close family and friends and I was always inspired to bake since as a child I used to watch my mother”

she explains. Before long, she decided to consider starting her own food business.

“After I graduated somewhere last year in November, I opened up my official facebook page “Tammy&Co” with the support and encouragement of my family and friends. I started off baking cakes and then expanded to desserts where I started receiving good comments”.

Her background in design further enabled her to improve and perfect the creative side of decorating a cake. 

Which food personality would you like to be reborn as?
I’d love to be born reborn as Yolanda Gampp from How to Cake it. She is simply amazing.

What is the most ridiculous client request you have accommodated?
Hmmmm, well I haven’t got any ridiculous requests as yet. I think they are yet to come.

If you were to pick a reality cooking competition to take part in, what would you pick?
I would say Masterchef as its adrenaline rushing and challenging, which also helps me to be inspired daily by the culinary experts.

You’ve been given the opportunity to bake something for your favourite celeb.Who would you pick and what would you make?
This is a tough question as I have so many favourite celebs that I would die to bake for. I think I’d bake for Ashton Kutcher and the cake would be a Death by Chocolate layered cake with a twist of salted caramel. I’m sure he will share this with Mila Kunis (his wife) who is also one of my all time favourites.

What is your favourite food memory?
I think its Christmas celebrations with the family and my aunts traditional christmas table with yummy dishes. 

Funniest / most embarrassing kitchen incident?
Well, there were loads of embarrassing moments. I think the most embarrassing moment would be me dropping a bag of eggs on the floor, thanks to my “butter fingers".

What is the most challenging ingredient you have used?
Definitely essence, as the strength of the essence  depends on the brand  and getting the right amounts can be challenging.

What nonexistent food combination or dish do you wish would becomes a reality?
I like to play safe when it comes to combining food but I would definitely like to see coconut toffee and chocolate cake combined.

What would you choose to be your “Last Supper” meal?
Sushi from Ginza and my mum’s or my Grandaunts Apple Crumble


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  1. Lali says:

    Great, Tamaya. Keep up the good work. All the very best .

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