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In this solo performance, Thomas Bell spoke about his highly acclaimed book ‘Kathmandu: The Biography of a City” and the backstory leading to the book. He spoke about Kathmandu back then and now. 

“Today, the city is huge. It still retains a certain charm; a few old houses are still there. I think its neither new nor old, its just stood there for years just regenerating. For me, I still think the city holds a certain charm!” 

We also caught up with a few audience members for their comments and thoughts; 



“I’m planning to visit Kathmandu so this was an insightful session about the city and it was interesting knowing about the pollution and how the city is after the earthquake”



“It was really interesting. I enjoyed it!”

– Sameeha 


“It was an interesting session and I found it very insightful”

– Victoria 

“I thought he balanced this session so well. He’s both a writer and a UN worker and he brought both sides out well”

– Aruni 


“It was a very intense session, you had to concentrate but I found it interesting but I would have loved to see more slides!”

– Jim


“I felt it was abig boring. He didn’t really bring Nepal to life and made it sound like a failed city”

– Marina 


“It was better than I expected! The sessions were good and diverse so I’m happy”

– Rohantha 


“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Becauseits on the South East Asia it was very relatable”

– Shehani



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